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SCAM: FREE Bag of Tom & Jenny’s Caramel Candy + Win Gift Basket

Thru 2/14 only, you can snag a free bag of Tom & Jenny’s Caramel Candy! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and enter your email, then share your unique link with your friends.

Get 5 friends to signup and snag a free bag of candy. Or, get 10 friends to signup and get $25 worth of Tom & Jenny’s Candy. You can also earn a free Birthday Basket (You and 5 Friends will receive a gift basket filled with Tom & Jenny’s Candy) if you get 50 friends to signup!

Note from editor: We recently received a very aggressive and threatening letter (WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS) from Tom & Jenny’s Legal Team for sharing this free promotion with our readers. We were asked to take this page down, however, we want to share that Tom & Jenny’s attempt to intimidate us will not go unnoticed.

We urge everyone reading this note to please not support or purchase Tom & Jenny’s products due to their company’s unfair practices. We were simply trying to promote a relatively unknown candy maker and unfortunately we were threatened instead of being thanked for it.

Most importantly: If you did sign up using our link on this deal page when we first shared the deal on January 17, you (and we) were actually scammed by Tom & Jenny into signing up for the Tom & Jenny’s Email List. We have asked them to remove all email addresses from their email server and database that originated from our signup link, including email addresses of your family and friends if you had also referred them as a result of first signing up using our link.

If you continue to receive spam from Tom & Jenny’s, you can contact your email provider to report them, simply hit the SPAM or JUNK icon to report it as spam. Likewise, you can scroll to the bottom of the email you received and click the link to unsubscribe as shown here:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.01.15 PM

You can also write them to request them to remove your email and name at:  4900 NC Hwy 55, Ste 160 #232, Durham, NC 27713

You can also email them directly at and ask them to remove your email from their list!

Thanks to all of our readers and followers for supporting Simple Coupon Deals! We find you the best deals and freebies and will work hard to continue doing so despite this little incident.