12 Months Savings Challenge – Free $25 to Start

12-months-challengeWelcome to January (and say goodbye to 2016)! Now is the perfect time to start a money savings challenge! You might be familiar with the 52-Weeks Challenge. It’s where you set aside money for 52 weeks, at the end of the year, you will have saved up $1,378. If you’re like me, I am a pretty forgetful person, so remembering to save each week is a lot to ask! You might find the 12-Months Challenge more manageable compared to the 52 Weeks Challenge.

52-Weeks Challenge vs 12-Months Challenge

The 52-Weeks Challenge forces you to save money each week, and each week you save more than the previous week. In comparison, the 12-Months Challenge is broken up in larger chunks that decrease each month. By December, you won’t have to save as much money – this is perfect, because December is usually when we’re strapped for cash the most.

At the end of 12 months, you will have saved $1,378, the same amount you’ll save if you do the 52-Weeks Challenge. The only difference is, the amounts you save each time differ, and the amounts decrease by month.

You will love the 12-Months Challenge if you don’t want to or don’t have time to save money every week. Click here to download the 12 Months challenge PDF printable. Print it and keep it where you will have easy access and/or see it each month. Mark each month as completed to help you keep track of your goal!

Bonus: If you open up a Free Savings Account with Capital 360, you will get $25 to start. The Savings Account is 100% free and you can do this entirely online. You can link your existing bank account and start transferring money for free and easily + earn 0.75% interest on your deposits!

What I Love About This Challenge So Far:

12-months-challenge-decemberSince starting this “savings challenge” in January of 2014, I’ve done it each year. Trying to stick to any goal can be challenging… BUT I have to admit, it’s really easy! Each month, the amount I have had to set aside has gotten smaller, yet my savings has grown! I also love that Capital 360 has given me interest on the money I save. I get a few cents each month for saving! Every penny does count! I also love how I didn’t have to close my existing bank accounts, I just linked my account and transferred money online each month. This helped me to keep track of the savings and prevented me from using that money on something else!

When I opened the Capital 360 Savings Account, I did not have to deal with pesky, pushy or shady bankers. I did it right from the comfort of my own home on my computer and I never ever have to deal with any fees whatsoever! I honestly don’t know how they make money because they have never charged me a penny. I actually earned $25 for opening the account! If you open an account, you can set up multiple “Savings Accounts” under your same account and save for different things.

CLICK HERE to go to Capital 360 to open your own Checkings or Savings Account now. You will not be disappointed.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been following my challenge or if you are on a different challenge (such as the 52 weeks one) and how it’s been working out for you!


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